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Monday, July 9, 2018

Imagine this...
You've had a long week. 

The people that you love the most have offered no source of comfort, your job seems overwhelmingly stressful this pay period, and there's just a few more days to the weekend. 
You are tired.

The only good side to all of this is that your High School friends are in town, and you all have planned to meet up for a night in town. This is the mini vacation you've been waiting for! It's a perfect opportunity to relax, take a load off, refresh your mind. After this long and drawn out week, it's finally the weekend, and you are preparing to meet your friends. You put on your best clothes, I mean you haven't seen them in years and you desire to tell them that all is well in your life. You drive to the meeting spot, park your car, and find out that the event was cancelled and you weren't notified. 
Bummer right?

The drive home is a long one. Your mind is spiraling. How could they have forgotten to tell me? Today was so important, and they acted as if I didn't even exist! The frustration is setting in, and instead of being revived this weekend your week just fills with yet another downfall. 
This must suck. 

Now I ask you, how do you think God would feel? Maybe you did have a long week, and maybe you were comfortless, and it is very possible that work is overwhelming, but at the end of the week the Lord is expecting your presence and YOU don't show up for HIM. Can you imagine that? The God that created Heaven and Earth is awaiting you, and you stand him up. How many times has God shown up in your situation and you didn't acknowledge him. How many times has The King of Kings and The Lord of  Lords been heartbroken because of you? 

I know, because I've done it....

I've stood in The house of God and pretend that his spirit wasn't calling me to do something I'm uncomfortable with. I have ignored the subtle voice ringing in my ears begging me to pray, begging me to just lift my hands again, summoning me to The Master. I have found that in those moments it isn't the same as me bailing on my friends when they ask me to hang out, but it is me willingly walking away from my Friend, my Father, my Savior. I consider it a great honor to be able to offer you hope in these moments, for when you get to your crossroad. It's nothing exquisite, it's nothing profound, it's a simple truth: Leave a Space for Him. Don't find yourself tangled in the busyness of life, and forget that God is still the ruler of it all. 

Did you save a space for Him this week? If not, start now. The best time to plant a tree isn't tomorrow it's today. 


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