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Monday, July 9, 2018

Imagine this...
You've had a long week. 

The people that you love the most have offered no source of comfort, your job seems overwhelmingly stressful this pay period, and there's just a few more days to the weekend. 
You are tired.

The only good side to all of this is that your High School friends are in town, and you all have planned to meet up for a night in town. This is the mini vacation you've been waiting for! It's a perfect opportunity to relax, take a load off, refresh your mind. After this long and drawn out week, it's finally the weekend, and you are preparing to meet your friends. You put on your best clothes, I mean you haven't seen them in years and you desire to tell them that all is well in your life. You drive to the meeting spot, park your car, and find out that the event was cancelled and you weren't notified. 
Bummer right?

The drive home is a long one. Your mind is spiraling. How could they have forgotten to tell me? Today was so important, and they acted as if I didn't even exist! The frustration is setting in, and instead of being revived this weekend your week just fills with yet another downfall. 
This must suck. 

Now I ask you, how do you think God would feel? Maybe you did have a long week, and maybe you were comfortless, and it is very possible that work is overwhelming, but at the end of the week the Lord is expecting your presence and YOU don't show up for HIM. Can you imagine that? The God that created Heaven and Earth is awaiting you, and you stand him up. How many times has God shown up in your situation and you didn't acknowledge him. How many times has The King of Kings and The Lord of  Lords been heartbroken because of you? 

I know, because I've done it....

I've stood in The house of God and pretend that his spirit wasn't calling me to do something I'm uncomfortable with. I have ignored the subtle voice ringing in my ears begging me to pray, begging me to just lift my hands again, summoning me to The Master. I have found that in those moments it isn't the same as me bailing on my friends when they ask me to hang out, but it is me willingly walking away from my Friend, my Father, my Savior. I consider it a great honor to be able to offer you hope in these moments, for when you get to your crossroad. It's nothing exquisite, it's nothing profound, it's a simple truth: Leave a Space for Him. Don't find yourself tangled in the busyness of life, and forget that God is still the ruler of it all. 

Did you save a space for Him this week? If not, start now. The best time to plant a tree isn't tomorrow it's today. 


Wednesday, August 2, 2017

"I remember that this season of my life was a particularly dry one, I isolated myself entirely. I worked 60-hour weeks and poured myself into studying and church and all things distracting. I had to deal with various challenging circumstances and I found myself really, truly depleted of joy. Looking back, I was operating on autopilot"
- Nicole M. Arnold

It is twelve twenty-one am, I have class at eight o'clock in the morning, and I am preparing to type a blog about being both mentally, and spiritually tired. 
This is more than a blog, it is my life.

I, like many of you live in a world that strongly supports the go, go, go lifestyle. They want you to go to school, go to work, go to church, go to events; just go. When you are a young child your parents pester you to go outside, or go play with your sister, when you simply want to take a nap.

Geez, I could go for a nap right now. 

We have been programmed, from our years of development well into adulthood, to never take a break. If you want it, go get it. The you can sleep when you are dead phenomenon. This mentality has been the foundation for many of our physical lives; but what about our spiritual being? Has your prayer life, bible reading, or witnessing gone anywhere? Have you gone out tell of the goodness of Jesus, or I even dare to ask have you gone to the throne of grace lately? These are not questions that I expect to be answered, but these are questions that I want your spirit man to ponder on. 

I've been there. I have made my flesh push and push to reach a goal, I have stayed up long nights watching Netflix instead of talking to my heavenly father. And yes, like many of you I have accidentally gone an entire day without even thanking him for waking me up. 

This! Is the autopilot effect. This! Is the silent killer in your endeavor to be like Christ. And this is the platform where I plan to bleed out, because autopilot is only comfortable until the storm comes.

I have been working on this blog post for almost a month now: pondering on it, trying to stabilize my life enough to get back to my passion, but I too have experienced the autopilot effect.

I have found that there is only two types of people in the world, those that sit around and wait for something amazing to happen to them, and those that do amazing things. But these amazing things come with a price. You don't just wake up one morning and proclaim that you have achieved every single thing that your heart has desired. These things come with hard work and dedication from our carnal man. But what is expected of the spiritual man?

It has taken me four years of high school, and three months of college to realize what road so many of us take in this life. We take the "high road" we are striving to be higher than others on the ladder of success. Our agenda is laid out to make a higher salary, to live on a higher hill, and to think higher thoughts. But, I believe that we have abandoned our higher calling. Our higher calling to be like Jesus, the higher calling of preaching the gospel, the higher calling to holiness and separation.

When you look in the mirror what do you see? Do you see yourself draining? Is the weight of this world stealing the joy from your face? Have you climbed so high on the ladder to success that you have ultimately failed at the great commission? If so, God forgives you. Turn that ambition for great things for yourself into a passion to see great things for God.

" God, I'm sorry for focusing so much on what I was doing at my job that I forgot what I was supposed to be doing for the kingdom."


Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Many of us have known the excitement of finding a package on their mailbox after a long day of work. For many of us we were so busy in the day day that we may forget that this package is being delivered. There is a certain rush of adrenaline that rises in your blood when you see it. You quickly make your way over to your porch, maybe leaving your car started, or forgetting the children in the car because of what had been delivered to you. This was your special moment in the day, plus there is nothing better than a gift from yourself. Some may jump, some may scream, some may even cry in the presence of this package. If we can produce that much emotion at that very moment, how much more should we produce when we are in the presence of God?

I doubt that anyone reading this is unaware of the power of Amazon Prime. Amazon prime makes it possible for you to order something, and it be at your house in just two days. This new method of shopping is sweeping the nation, it is putting other stores out of business, and it is putting a lot of power in the fingertips of those that use it frequently. It is a wonderful feeling to know whatever you need, and even the things you do not need are available to you twenty-four hours a day and can be yours in just something around forty-eight hours. 

I doubt that anyone reading this is unaware of the power of Jesus Prime. Jesus Prime makes it possible for you to pray for something, and it be available to you. This new method of communication is sweeping the nation, it is putting the works of the devil to rest, and it is putting power in the hands of those that use it frequently. It is a miraculous feeling to know whatever you need, and even the things you worry about are able to  handled twenty-four hours a day, according to his will, in just something around forty-eight hours. 

Disclaimer: This is not a name and claim it spiel. This is a power of Jesus proclamation. 

See, I believe in the power of Jesus. I believe in the sweet communication between a believer in their God known as prayer. I practice it, I desire more of it, and I love it more than anything else. There is just something about the name of Jesus! 

The bible speaks over and over about the power of the name of Jesus, and at the mention of his name things have to change. Demons must flee, bondage must be broken, families have to be healed, souls must be saved all at the name of Jesus. We rely on Amazon to show up on time, surprise us with what they have delivered, and bring a smile to our faces after a long day. But for just a second I dare you to get you a free membership with Jesus Prime. He will show up on time, he will surprise the world with the deliverance that he will release in your life, and yes he will put a smile on your face after a long day. Not to mention there is no "free trial" with Jesus, this membership is free to all that will come, he paid the price.

 Be encouraged today! 

"There are people who need you to seek after God's throne. People are depending on your prayers to get them through the day. When times are so rough that they can't pray for themselves, they need your prayers."

Saturday, May 27, 2017

"I have thought long and hard about typing a new blog post:
What will I say?
Who will I try to reach?
How much effort do I put in?
And the questions go on and on, extending across all time barriers until finally, I don't type anything at all. The last post was titled "How Deep Will You Go?" and I finished about half of it before I was so overwhelmed by the idea of perfection that I left it sitting in the drafts folder with all of the other thoughts that I never finished. So instead of me typing, editing, perfecting, retyping, and hopefully submitting I have decided to just become an open book and see where it goes. Welcome back, this is just the beginning." 

TIME Magazine did a survey to try to figure out how many people across America know how to swim in any fashion. They found that only 56% of Americans know how to swim or have any "water competency". The article also states that the fatality rate for people that are drowning is 10 people every single day. While that may not sound like a lot, especially based on the fatality rate around the world remember, a life is a life no matter what.
While these articles are doing studies on people that cannot physically swim, and people that physically die from drowning as believers we must think about how many people drown spiritually. I haven't been in church very long, but it does not take too many walks around the park to see that people are constantly drowning. They are drowning in their sin, they are drowning in their sorrows, in their heartaches, these people are just drowning and there seems to be no one that is willing to step in the water to save them. 

Remember the story of Jesus walking on the water in the midst of the storm. Remember that although the waves were crashing and the boat was rocky the man that had it all in control is the man that lives inside of you. You are the temple of the Holy Ghost, you are the physical testimony of Jesus Christ. Some people will only see you when they come searching for Jesus. 

When I was in High School the Lord pressed me to start a P7 class in my school. This was one of the most nerve wrecking things that he has ever asked me to do. I was always the friend that didn't act like everyone else, didn't go everywhere my peers went, and they all knew what I stood for but, that did not stop the process God was putting me through. I remember the day that the Lord confirmed that this is what he wanted me to do for my school. He had provided a sponsor, that believed in me, and believed in the mission and not too long after "Prayer 101" was birthed. In the beginning I was worried that no one would show up, I was worried that I would be the weirdo of the school, and that there was nothing I could do about it. But, someone was drowning. I didn't know, but God knew that someone in that class would hear what they needed to hear to have the faith to grab the hand that was offering them a way out. Many of the attendees said things like "I used to believe..." or "I still believe but..." and this is when I knew they were drowning. When you are drowning there is nothing more important than breathing, there is nothing more important than getting out of the water as quickly as possible. The enemy knows this, he knows that all you want to do is get out of the water, and that you will do anything to survive. This is the moment where Satan releases the bait, he gives you something to grab quickly and before you know it your spirit has died. You have latched onto the wrong thing, you have listened to the wrong voice. You have died. Your carnal man is still alive and well, rejoicing because you survived, but where is your spirit now? When things drown it sinks to the very bottom of whatever it is drowning in. There are ships, buildings, whole societies that rest under the ever moving waters of this world. Do you think your spirit can withstand the test of these mighty currents? They can if you believe in Jesus Christ, however if you rest with the enemy I have no doubt that you will drown. 

I do recall a time where I was drowning. Some people think that only those that are new to church are the ones drowning in the possibilities of their past life. This however is not true. There are some saints that have been born and raised in truth that are drowning right now. These are the people that we miss, we never see it coming. We think "oh they are just going through a rough patch" and all the while they are sinking to a place where they will never be able to return to who they once were. When I felt myself drowning I would wake up every single day and feel the call to prayer, then ignore it.  I would go on about my day and not even pay attention to the voice of God that was nudging me to acknowledge him. 

As I drove to my daily destinations I could feel the enemy telling me to just let it go. Don't go back to church, don't pray, don't live holy, just give up. I could quite literally feel the spirit and the flesh waring inside of me. This was the moment where I had to make a decision. Trust the man the walks on water, or trust the enemy that promises that I won't drown. This decision caused me to pull to the side of the road and cry out to the God that I could once feel so close. At that moment I chose not to drown, I chose to let the king save me. 

Will you do the same? 

"I beg you to try God one more time. He may put you on hold, he may postpone a few things in your life, but he never ever fails. He is an on time God, his love knows no limits! His power has no end! His arm is not short, his voice is not silent, and he can hear your cries. The water is crashing but I promise if you trust him, one more time, he will show up on the scene." 

With Love,

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Ever felt alone? Have you ever felt like you needed a friend to call on but you couldn't find anyone that could help you? This is a feeling that we all feel eventually. As humans we all come to a point in our lives where we realize that we need each other. Even since the beginning of time God said "It i not good that the man should be alone..." (Genesis 2:18) 

Although, the bible says that God made Adam a help meet, Eve, if we backtrack a little we can see that Adam wasn't actually alone to begin with. He was in the presence of God. The bible says that Adam would walk and talk with God; he was never actually alone. But Adam was human, like so many of us, so his longing was for more than an experience with his creator, but for an experience with something else.

We all know the Adam and Eve story, as it is taught to us at a very young age. But if we bring this very same thought of being alone into present day perspective we can find that not much has changed. Still today we look for things outside of God. We get into relationships with other people, we spend a lot of time in the secular world because this is a part of living on earth. This is not a bad thing, it is what God intended for us to do. But, more importantly he intended for us to serve him.

So, welcome to sleepless nights, and tears on the pillow case. Right now, at this very moment someone is in this situation; because they feel alone. This feeling, this Lone Ranger feeling, has ruined many of the best lives. Adolescence all over the world decide that life isn't worth living when they are at their lowest points, and there is no one to nurture them back to health.


The bible states that God is the same! Yesterday, today, and forevermore. The same God that never actually left Adam alone, is the same God that will never leave you alone. I can admit, that sometimes I feel like he has left me. I feel like he no longer wants to be my father, and that I have failed him to the point of no return. Then I am reminded of this inevitable truth: God is just as close as the mention of his name. Have you ever thought of someone, or had a conversation about someone and they just appear seemingly out of nowhere. God operates just like that. You just have to mention the name of Jesus and suddenly he appears. 

Still feeling alone? Still feeling like God has left you? Have I not convinced you that he loves you, and that he would do anything for you? Okay, let's go deeper.

The bible states that when Jacob was left alone, he began to wrestle a man throughout the night. We know that this man was actually an angel, and Jacob refused to let go of this angel until he was blessed. At this very moment Jacob's name was changed to Israel. But remember, Jacob started out alone, Jacob started feeling how you feel right now. 

One more!

Psalm 33 in the Message Bible says "No king succeeds with a big army alone, no warrior wins by brute strength." Warrior, you can not win by your own strength, stop trying. Then it goes on to say "Horsepower is not the answer; no one gets by on muscle alone..." And here is the exciting part! It says "God's eye is on those who respect him, the ones who are looking for his love. He's ready to come to their rescue in bad times..." 

He is ready to come to your rescue in bad times! Feeling alone? That is a bad time. The lone ranger never wins, as he can not win the war alone. Quit trying to do it all yourself, the weight is too heavy, and the journey is too long for you to do it all alone.

He is with you.


Wednesday, September 7, 2016

"10 Two men went up into the temple to pray; the one a Pharisee, and the other a publican.
11 The Pharisee stood and prayed thus with himself, God, I thank thee, that I am not as other men are, extortioners, unjust, adulterers, or even as this publican.
12 I fast twice in the week, I give tithes of all that I possess.
13 And the publican, standing afar off, would not lift up so much as his eyes unto heaven, but smote upon his breast, saying, God be merciful to me a sinner.
14 I tell you, this man went down to his house justified rather than the other: for every one that exalteth himself shall be abased; and he that humbleth himself shall be exalted."
~ Luke 18:10-14

In 2010 a census was taken to calculate how many "Christians" walked this earth, and at that time there were about 2.2 billion people that proclaimed that they were indeed Christians. This massive number tells us that about 31% of the world are followers of Christ.  Of course we understand that there are many "Christians" that don't actually follow Christ completely, but the census was for those that attended a Christian probably sometime in their life. I wonder how many of these people were "Storefront Worshipers". The definition of storefront is this: "The facade of a store". Pretty simple definition right? Well if you look for the definition of facade you find that there are indeed two definitions of this word; the first definition ties directly to the store that we referred to earlier but the second definition is what this blog post thrives on. The second definition said a facade was "an outward appearance that is maintained to conceal a less pleasant or credible reality." 


Some of you know where this blog is going now, but I still feel the need to warn the people of God of this "Storefront Worship". I have visited many churches in my 18 years of living, and I find that some of these churches don't actually worship to reach God, but they worship to grab the attention of people. This storefront worship is what so many of us do when we are down and we don't actually know how to worship God. Maybe it's because we are in a season that we can not get out of or maybe we simply don't understand what form of worship is accepted by the master; but either way we simply "fake in, until we make it". But, that's just the thing WE WILL  NOT MAKE IT. The bible says that they that worship the Lord MUST worship him in spirit and in truth, meaning we can not worship God without being all in. 

Jesus is coming soon, we can not afford storefront worship. The worship that you offer to God must be pure, and it must be uncensored. There are times where we can try to hide our worship or keep our worship to a minimum because of the people that we are around BUT God isn't satisfied with us if we do that. He has been too good for us not to give him all that we have, he is the God that laid his life down for you after all. 

It's okay to cry, trust me. There is no greater feeling than crying out to the Lord. He is the only one that will catch every single tear before they hit the ground. He is the only one that will make everything seem right, that was wrong in the beginning. I have been to many funerals, I have been through many trials, and I have heard of many horrible things happening in my very own backyard BUT I know a God that supplies over and over again! That is why we sing songs like "who is like the Lord? Nobody!" That is why we life our hands, and shout hallelujah because it could have been me but it wasn't! In the beginning of time it was God that took my place, and now it is his spirit that intercedes for me every single day of my life. Every day is orchestrated and sustained by him. 

Storefront worship is dangerous and it yields bad fruit, BUT worship that comes from the heart can never be replicated, replaced, or denied. There is something special about worshiping God that you can not find anywhere else. 

"The whole person, with all his senses, with both mind and body, needs to be involved in genuine worship."
~Jerry Kerns

Be blessed.

Friday, August 12, 2016

Disclaimer: I can assure you that this is not about coffee. Well, it has a few coffee reference points but that's it! I promise.

Every morning 83% of American adults start their day with a cup of coffee, according to the National Coffee Association. (Who knew we had such a thing?) But, despite the fact that the NCA is an unbelievable organization, the facts are not unbelievable. Actually, that study took place three years ago, so I can only assume that this percentage has sky rocketed, as Starbucks opens a new building every other day. Is there something wrong with coffee? Absolutely not, I start almost every shift off with a small caramel frappe with an extra shot of espresso. But, before that I spend time with the Lord.

See, Jesus is more than a "pick me up". Jesus is a very present help in the time of trouble according to Psalm 46:1. As humans we rely on these man made remedies to help us get through the day, but as believers we should begin to rely on God at all times of the day. The coffee eventually becomes inactive in your body, but if you are full of the Holy Ghost that will remain.

Listen, the flesh gets weak in fact the flesh becomes so weak by the end of a life that it is not permitted to enter into eternal life. This flesh is literally just a shell, allowing our spirits to live inside of them comfortably until the Lord Jesus Christ returns. But of course, these analogies go way beyond coffee. This blog stems from the very necessity of morning prayer. We need to kick start our morning with the word of God, and seeking his face. We can no longer depend on the things of this world to help us tackle the trials of everyday life, we MUST seek him. 

When I started my new job I vowed to pray every single morning for my coworkers and for the shift that I would be working. This very commitment has done two things for me: It has taught me discipline and it has shown me the power of prayer. One day I forgot to pray, and we had the worst shift ever and I completely blamed myself because if I, the one with the power, had kick started my morning with God on my mind this day would've run so much smoother. 

So tomorrow, take the challenge to start your morning seeking God's face. Ask him what he wants you to do that day, and thank him for allowing you to see another one. There are people all around the world that go to bed, and never live to see the next morning but if you are reading this tonight, and rereading it in the morning then you have lived to see another day! Seek him. He stands at the door, and he knocks, will you open the door? Will YOU be the catalyst of change in your world? Will you kick start your mornings with coffee and rely on that alone, or will your kick start your mornings with Christ and rely on his power? 

Remember, "The best way to handle life, is to put your life in God's hands."
~Anthony Liccione

Be Blessed.
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